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Understand the difference between data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Be clarified with the basic terminologies before you start.

Explore the free tools and coding environment made for professionals.

Business intelligence

Understand the world leading interactive data visualisation software.

Become the expert of Tableau in data analysis for day-to-day jobs.

Understand your business objectives and the types of variables of data assets.

Learn Microsoft Power BI from scratch to become an expert.


If you don’t have any coding experience or use Python before, try this topic.

Learn the foundational package for organising and numerical computing in Python.

Learn the most important data structure and manipulation tool for efficient data analysis in Python.

Visualise data in Python with Matplotlib and Seaborn.

Comprehend version control with your data projects.

Understand table relationships, interact with databases, and use aggregate functions.

Explore the valuable unlimited data assets in the world.

Learn how to efficiently explore your data and prepare to achieve the best outcome.

Diagnose and transform your raw data into useful assets for analytics.

Learn better design to structure your data and improve proformance.

Machine learning

The nitty-gritty to solve problems with computational algorithms.

The foundation behind machine learning algorithms.

Understand bias-variance trade-off in configuring your training sets.

Know how to extract useful information to optimise learning processes.

The importance of statistics allows you with better intuition to judge your data experiment.

Know the right way to create testable hypotheses, and be able to determine a model parameters.

Understand the rationale of labeled data and its applications.

Discover the patterns behind day-to-day data in the world.

Learn the third type of machine learning – the algorithm learning by itself.

Build models to predict future events of numerical values.

Generate if-then rules to predict future events.

Deep learning

Discover the would of neural networks with state-of-the-art technologies.

Learn the framework made by Google to create deep learning models

Comprehend open source machine learning library developed by Facebook.

Big data

Be familiar with the rationale of data process and storage.

Understand the technology of effective processing massive datasets.


Know computers how to acknowledge and interpret words. 

Teach computers to mimic human’s eyes to distinguish objects.


Learn how an algorithm can choose the data it wants to learn from, and perform better than before.

What the latest AI products can do to disrupt the financial market.

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What we believe.

At, we believe accessible learning for acquiring data science knowledge in the world.

Our philosophy is to deliver easy-to-understand and true career-ready data science and AI skills. We’re striving to create the most useful and up-to-date free content of basic topics and machine learning applications with affordable price.

We use intuitive learning to use plain English for difficult concepts without scarifying the body of knowledge. Students will both learn the rationale and the practicality for their careers.

We’re planning for industrial projects and internships locally around the world in the nearly future. Stay tuned!

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